By: Lesley

Jan 23 2013

Category: SIGNS, Stratford


Focal Length:18.88mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It has been far too cold to go out looking for new signs, so while digging into the archives I found this address for a government building in Stratford. It houses the Centre for Employment and Learning as well as the Post Office. The puzzle like effect of the number sign seems to fit a government office.

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13 comments on “75”

  1. Kind of a subtle comment on the puzzling labyrinth created by government workers everywhere there! I like the sign though.

  2. It took me a few seconds to see the 75. I also dug into my photos from warmer days for today’s posting.

  3. I like it! I hope to be back to the Signs meme next week – maybe.

  4. I guess the sign suggests that there may be many pieces to this enterprise, but they do fit together!

  5. simplicity at its best.

    photo cache

  6. Clever design. I would have guessed a graphic design firm over a government building, though! They are usually a bit more staid.

  7. love the design–it looks like a jigsaw puzzle.:p

  8. I can’t quite figure it out.

  9. I like the simplicity. Very sleek and modern!

  10. I like the simplicity of the sign, too. I wouldn’t know it’s a government building, too. It’s a far cry from the government buildings here in Cambodia which usually have elaborate signs.

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