St Elias Cathedral

By: Lesley

Jan 20 2013

Category: Ottawa, sacred


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This is a newer church building, built to house the 1500 families who worship here in 1992 and consecrated as a cathedral in 2000. St Elias Antiochian Cathedral can be found on Riverside Drive beside Mooney’s Bay Park in Ottawa. Services are conducted in both English and Arabic.


5 comments on “St Elias Cathedral”

  1. I like this – a homage to the past with its Byzantine style domes and stone style brick facade give it an ageless look. Classic style and modern building materials make this a practical place of heavenly worship…

  2. Lovely windows, arches and circular. It would be wonderful to see them from the inside looking out too. I know it must be quite magnificent inside this church.

  3. What a beautiful building – I especially love the round windows!

  4. Sure don’t see this style every day…really liked seeing it. It is so clean and neat looking.

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