our stage

By: Lesley

Jan 09 2013

Category: Caledon, SIGNS


Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Alton Public School is one of the last remaining of the old one roomed school houses that is still in use. It was built around 1874 and has had additions built to accommodate the growing number of children and the necessary accoutrements for teaching. A much needed new school will be built next door this year and this historic building will be used as a community facility.

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13 comments on “our stage”

  1. Great sign, and I love the line on the bottom.

  2. Oh good .. I was intrigued by the tiny part of this on the signs signs meme and am so glad you told us more about it. Glad that they’re going to save the building for a good purpose after the new school is built.

  3. I believe you can still see the remains of 2 former windows, or doors (?). It’s a well restored and beautiful building.

  4. I didn’t think there were any of the one roommers left.

  5. Glad to hear that the old building will not be torn down and will be put to good use!

  6. Love those huge doors + arched glass feature on the school! I guess the open doors is how the one room is “air conditioned”! This appears to be beautifully preserved!

  7. We have only one here in the county I know of and it is constructed of wood. So glad this one is being saved and used. The one here has been locked up for years.

  8. how wonderful that it will not be torn down!

  9. It’s certainly in good shape to be that old!

  10. That’s a really nice looking-facade! Glad that it won’t be torn down to make way for a new one. Unlike here… 😦

  11. That’s pretty neat! It would be fun to go to school in a historic place like this.

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