tower room

By: Lesley

Jan 07 2013

Category: Southampton


Focal Length:12.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

There is no story to go with this house with the tower, but I am sure that the imagination would soar sitting in that round room with a 360° view.

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9 comments on “tower room”

  1. That house MUST have a great story!!! I really want to make one up if there isn’t one.

  2. This is a rare find. My imagination tells me there should be a cannon up top. What can I say. I still haven’t lived out my boyhood dreams.

  3. Oh, how wonderful! I would love to go in there…
    Great find!

  4. How cool! I love the half-timbered look, the stone, and of course – the turret! I’d love to know this houses’s story too, and wonder what they’ve got up there. I can imagine Rapunzel, leaning out one of those windows and letting down her hair! 🙂

  5. The turret looks as if were donated from a mighty castle in Europe. Imposing in stone outside, the windows letting in a lot of light making it lighter inside. The Rapunzel reference is so apt!

  6. I think the turret needs to be a library, filled with books and window seats to read and nap in.

  7. ooo, I love this!

  8. Interesting facade with the stone and the timber. I wonder how you furnish a round room?

  9. Wouldn’t you have loved to have had that room when a child…or even now???

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