Good Cheer

By: Lesley

Jan 03 2013

Category: Owen Sound, SIGNS


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If you are wishing to go outdoor skating in Owen Sound, then head over to Harrison Park where the Good Cheer Rink is open for skating and hockey. It uses a rule known as HOSEHockey Odd-numbered days, Skating Even-numbered days.

Participating in signs, signs



10 comments on “Good Cheer”

  1. Beautiful entry to the rink! Love the idea of alternating skating uses!

  2. Well how clever is that acronym! And a good plan so participants in both sports can have fun without interfering with each other.

  3. Very friendly and inviting.

  4. must second the friendly and inviting comment. happy new year.

  5. Great shot with that lovely ironwork against that blue sky! Great name for a park!

  6. Very inviting sign. Looks like a great outdoor skate park.

  7. Great name.

  8. Love this parks’s name!

  9. What a fun place to go. I think going there would certainly instill some good cheer!

  10. this park must be full every day of the week, especially at wintertime.
    HOSE is catchy.:p

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