By: Lesley

Dec 19 2012

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:92mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

A ghost sign from The Junction area of Toronto, near Dundas and Bloor Sts. The Ideal Aluminum Products company was in business out of this building from 1922-1933. I boosted the colour to make the sign more visible, but in an odd pattern of fading, the top quarter seems to have retained more of the white background than the rest. It is a shame about the tagging and graffiti at the bottom of the signs.

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10 comments on “Ideal”

  1. It is interesting how clear the sign is after all these years – a permanent sign for a business that only lasted 11 years!

  2. Nice one. You know how I love ghost signs!

  3. Love how the ghost sign covers the brickwork in a ringed shape! And it has lasted so well!

  4. i like how you enhanced the color. the brick is beautiful.
    i couldn’t seem to get a decent shot of ghost signs around here–there’s a lot. but it’s either i’m driving or stuck in traffic, in which case, the ghost sign is partially covered.:(


  5. we don’t see many of the ghost signs around here, so it’s always a treat when i see them here.

  6. Many ghost signs in our uptown area have been covered by paint during refurbishing of the buildings. I love ghost signs.

  7. Nice find. I’m a bit of a history buff. When I see a ghost sign I get all excited. This one is no exception.

  8. Let’s hope it is preserved for many more years.

  9. I like these ghost signs

  10. Indeed, the graffiti is a shame – and it’s a world-wide plague.

    «Louis» wishes you all the best for the New Year.

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