dream house #14

By: Lesley

Dec 17 2012

Category: Burlington, dream house


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Except for the unnervingly solid white garage door, I’ve always like this house on Lakeshore Rd in Burlington. The low sloping roof and the repetition of the triple windows is soothing. A couple of small changes would make this more welcoming. In spite of the large windows at the entry, I would still change the front door to one with at least some glass and would have the garage door blend in with the bricks.

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7 comments on “dream house #14”

  1. Oh, I agree with you – that is indeed a very calming image! It’s funny, I grew up in a split-level home, but I’ve never seen the concept of “split-level” shown so clearly from the outside as it is here. You can actually see the levels splitting! Pretty cool 🙂

  2. I like the appearance of this house, too, and agree the garage door could be toned down a bit. 🙂

  3. The silhouette is lovely but that white garage door makes the right side of the house look like a big happy face. A bit unnerving for sure.

  4. Nice choice. It’s funny – the storybook aesthetic is my favourite exterior, and the split level is my favourite interior. It’s a bit hard to reconcile the two extremes in one house, but this one here does a good job of mixing the beautiful with the practical.

  5. I do like the stone facade on this one. But you’re right, the garage door needs a change!

  6. I love this type of house!

  7. But what’s a dream house if you can’t make a few changes to make it your own! (The ones you suggest would be perfect.)
    Best Holiday Wishes and thank you for doing signs every week. I am not blogging much as we are getting re-settled for the season and I’m tired ;>)…be back next year”.

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