The Letter Carrier

By: Lesley

Nov 28 2012

Category: Orangeville, SIGNS


Focal Length:22.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Another archival photo, this one for the Post Office on Broadway in the town of Orangeville. Featured outside the building is a 7 foot tall tree sculpture, unveiled in 2009. The town is known for its public art gallery of tree sculptures and has over 50 of them on a Art Walk of Tree Sculptures. “The Letter Carrier” sculpture has a mail bag, a 1970s style uniform and hat, as well as some letters in his hand. Door-to-door service was introduced in Orangeville in 1967 so the sculpture represents a relatively modern day mail carrier just as the building represents 70’s architecture. Today there are about 18 letter carriers and 16 rural route carriers.

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14 comments on “The Letter Carrier”

  1. Interesting story, thanks for sharing.

  2. Through rain, sleet and cutbacks.

  3. And now the post office would like us to all pick up at central stations! I had no idea that Orangeville had all those sculptures.

  4. i miss seeing a mailman around here, and receiving snail mail.:p

  5. Ah yes, I remember door-to-door service. We have community mailboxes here in my village. Oh and my mail carrier is a woman. ;))

  6. Such an attractive presentation outside the post office! So lovely!

  7. very nice! almost obsolete now, sadly…

  8. That’s a tall mailman. A good idea to have a statue. I haven’t seen a live one, on foot, for decades.

  9. He’s certainly not to be missed!

  10. Interesting post. That tree in front is fake? We have a mailperson that drives to our subdivision, then walks to each condo building (houses 4 condos each) and delivers the mail.

  11. A bit of nostalgia in this. Now a days most mail carriers ride in trucks and boxes are at the curb. In our community large boxes have cubbies serving a dozen or more households.

  12. I am amazed that you didn’t have doorstop deliveries before 1967.

  13. We have government boxes now. Only five minutes from my dwelling for me to walk. Ya!.
    Also the parcel box is huge to receive big parcels and send out.

    Love it.

    Interesting snap.

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