nude buddha

By: Lesley

Nov 14 2012

Category: Milton, SIGNS


Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The Nude Buddha is an upscale tattoo and piercing studio on Bronte St in Milton. So far, their website is still waiting for a first testimonial. It will not be me.

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13 comments on “nude buddha”

  1. Now, this is a classy and unique one. The owners went to some expense for their sign. genie

  2. A quite impressive sign!

  3. Ha! It won’t be me either. 😉

  4. Where would they have thought that name up from?

  5. The sign is a neat and graphic display.

  6. Must say it looks a lot more upscale than the tattoo parlors I see here in Oregon — and I mean a LOT! But I wouldn’t go in there anyway.

  7. Oh, that’s awesome!

  8. i like the name of the business.

  9. Love this photo….I really like tattoos…but not on me.

  10. Interesting name for a tattoo parlour. I like it, although I don’t want any tattoos either!

  11. this is a fabulous sign! and the name grabs attention!

  12. I’d love to know the origin of that sign!

  13. I wouldn’t have guessed it’s a tattoo parlour if not for the tattoo word on it!

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