door to backyard

By: Lesley

Nov 02 2012

Category: Milton


Focal Length:46mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

A corner lot in a newer subdivision in Milton required a bit more privacy than the side fence allowed, so this massive fence with a double door to the backyard was built.

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15 comments on “door to backyard”

  1. Privacy is important. I like the patterns on the gate.

  2. looks like 2 eyeballs. so creative. (:

  3. Boy whoever lives in this house must crave privacy…pretty fence but a bit overpowering!

  4. Rather than overpowering I think it looks very Zen-like.
    Certainly makes me want to wonder through those doors.
    Nice find Lesley!

  5. Sitting on what looks like it might be a busy corner lot, I can’t blame them for wanting some screening from the street and its attendant noise. Those decorative touches make the fence look quite handsome! I’ve got a new cedar privacy fence (the only kind our subdivision will allow in our neighborhood) that could use some spiffing up with a pretty touch like this!

  6. Ibet there’s a hot tub in there.

  7. Hmmm, wonder what’s inside. A pool, maybe? Or a sauna? Or an outhouse?! LoL! Just kidding! =)

  8. it looks a little too much for my tastes!

  9. A bit too massive for my taste, though I’d prefer some privacy too…

  10. I like the fence very much, however, I would *not* enjoy the upkeep of re-staining it every couple of years.

  11. Lovely compositio love the design on the fence.

  12. Wonder if they have a hot tub or something? It is pretty but a bit over powering if it isn’t for something like a hot tub….I would feel boxed in.

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