By: Lesley

Oct 28 2012

Category: bridges, Burlington


Focal Length:24.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A view looking east on Upper Middle Rd in Burlington by the railway overpass. The three sculptures are of orchids, a controversial installation that is in the middle of a busy road which does not allow for any access, or time while driving, to enjoy or really even see the art. This was taken from a far off hill with a long zoom, and closely cropped. I must try again for a better shot.

Participating in Sunday Bridges


9 comments on “underpass”

  1. In Weymouth (Dorset, England) they have paid a lot of money for a sculpture in a hole at a busy traffic intersection. There are big lumps of something (stone?) on poles so they just about poke up from the ground and into view . . . and the cars whizz by them. In your picture, the old fashioned street lamp is a surprise too.

  2. Looks great in black and white.

  3. I think this is a great shot which lends itself beautifully to monochrome. Why do the city fathers agree to putting lovely sculptures is places like this. It makes no sense. It is a shame you cannot take the time to see them . genie

  4. I am not sure if it is on its best in B&W. The artist must have use color for its design of the orchids. Perhaps a trick like the shot of Wayne also on this site makes it better and let them stand out more.

  5. I love b&w urban scenes!

  6. Yea, that does seem like a bad place for art, unless you’re stuck in traffic!

  7. The clouds are what caught my eye!

  8. Very belatedly, «Louis» thanks you for this contribution to Sunday Bridges

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