in memory of Sam (the Record Man)

By: Lesley

Sep 26 2012

Category: Barrie, SIGNS


Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

This spot at Five Points on Dunlop Street is where the Sam’s record store once stood until it burned down in 1994. Sam’s was the mecca for music lovers across Canada. The record stores are all gone (except for one left in Belleville) since a few years ago and now Sam Sniderman, the man behind it all, is also gone. He died on Sunday at age 92. The corner is now a patio for the Five Points Restaurant with a wall showing off giant business cards.

Participating in signs, signs



20 comments on “in memory of Sam (the Record Man)”

  1. It’s a colorful wall. 🙂

  2. Good post Lesley! Sam was a giant here for so many years. I can still remember wandering for hours in the main store on Yonge St.

  3. Whew! That is a LOT of signs…..

  4. I’d rather see a painting of Sam’s face on the wall in dedication of him rather than that advertising. That’s a lot of eye noise!

  5. I know this corner well. I moved to Barrie about a year after the fire and everyone would always use it as an absent landmark, as in ” you know where the Sam’s used to be, turn left there” or “it is 3 doors up from where Sam’s used to be”. I thought that was funny.

  6. Sounds like it used to be a decent record store, remember record stores. I haven’t been in one in years.

  7. Those are great signs for those of us with “over-40 eyes.” LOL!

  8. Oh my the wall littered with ads/signs remind me of Asia.

  9. Ah, yes, Sam the Record Man. I loved visiting his store on Yonge Street.

  10. I have some great memories of going downtown to Sam’s. Catching the Main bus, transferring to Bloor Danforth streetcar and then onto the Yonge subway to Dundas. If Sam didn’t have what you wanted you could walk up the street a couple of stores to A&A’s. It’s hard to believe there’s still one store still around.

  11. A colourful, creative way to advertise on the wall! If only there was some sign identifying Sam’s presence there!

  12. That’s a nice little spot there but the signs are too “loud”. Having said that, it does remind you of the glaring signs in Asia.

  13. i prefer this kind of advertisement that the giant billboards with tarps that we have here. i wonder why no building was built on this corner after the fire. this must be a prime location.

  14. ops, what happened to my comment?

    • sorry, every now and then a bunch of comments will go into my spam filter. I have no idea why, but I have to check it regularly!

  15. Interesting shot. Better a wall of ads then a street littered with billboards.

  16. I love how Five Points pop up in different cities. I thought it was only in Atlanta, but since have heard of them in many cities. This was is wonderful-so colorful and filled with personality. It is sad to see the old by the wayside while the big new huge companies take over. Sounds like Sam led a long and fulfilling life. genie

  17. Kids growing up today won’t even know what a record store was! Another thing that’s disappeared from our past.

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