By: Lesley

Sep 19 2012

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

This is one of three storefront locations in Toronto for Rowe Farms. Advertising “quality with a conscience”  through their co-operative farms, they provide a range of antibiotic free and hormone free meat products. There are some very mixed reviews, though, if you read up on certain blogs.

Participating in signs, signs.


16 comments on “RoweFarms”

  1. Interesting shop, i always try to eat as locally as possible, but i don’t eat meat…


  2. I think it is kind of exciting the different stores that are opening up offering fresher, locally grown, organic foods.

  3. Interesting comments on the blogs. I am fortunate to be able to buy meat directly from the producer. I like him, he seems honest, but still, how does one know for sure that they are sustainably raised?

  4. I have a friend who swears by Rowe Farms but they are sooo expensive!

  5. Well — it sounds good from here.

  6. Going by the beautiful presentation of this shop, it is not your regular butcher! Most inviting!

  7. we too try to eat locally as possible. organic can be so expensive and may hurt the budget at times.

  8. This kind of meat is not cheap. Costco is my favourite store for meat.

  9. I’ve been trying so hard not to eat meat
    I really want to stop

    it looks so different from the chalk welcome mat

  10. We have two families here that have a slaughter house and raise and sell their own anti-biotic free meats and it is wonderful. Even the poultry tastes different…so much better and so much better for us. We need more places like this. genie

  11. Ihavenever heard of this place. Illhave to do some Internet searching!

  12. i have not heard of antibiotic meats. i always support locally-grown products but mostly agricultural products. its rare that organic meats are sold in the farmer’s market.


  13. I am mostly vegetarian. I would be totally vegetarian except my husband wants fish and chicken every once in a while. This shop sounds wonderful for purchasing chicken – wish I lived closer.

  14. Interesting shop – thanks for the comments about my police sign – a policeman actually escorted me all the way through the cordon past the crime scene to the other end of the road – an old man with a walking stick can get special attention!

  15. I always try to support locally grown produce and meat. When I can, that is. Most specialty shops for some reason are in the city!

  16. Not your typical butcher shop! Looks ‘yuppieish’ (is that even a word?)

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