up on the roof

By: Lesley

Sep 14 2012

Category: Oakville


Focal Length:42mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

Here we have an unusual fence on the roof of this building that houses a salon in Oakville. It is probably trying to hide the A/C, but to my mind, just draws more attention to it.

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10 comments on “up on the roof”

  1. I was thinking it was a prank.

  2. at 1st i missed the fence & wondered why you put it on FF. that is too funny!! so great!! maybe for the birds to rest on? ha. ha!! (:

  3. that looks very odd!

  4. It does draw attention…although, I would rather look at the fence instead of the AC unit!!!

  5. It is just strange.looks unfinished.

  6. I agree with rose – unfinished. I could like it a lot if the ends of the fence were anchored somehow, but to just leave it plopped on top of the building – nah!!

  7. What a really odd place for a fence…if there was a prize for that, you’d be the winner! 🙂

  8. Lovely shot! Seems like a strange place for such a fence though.

  9. Yep. Seems like they could have done something a little less oddly obvious.

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