common sense

By: Lesley

Sep 05 2012

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

I was attracted by the address number of this former house now office on Queen St E in Toronto. What is barely legible in the photo (and not noticed until I uploaded and enlarged) is the name plate by the door of this barristers and solicitors’ which states “common sense litigation solutions”.

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12 comments on “common sense”

  1. Just what is needed in most cases!

  2. I love the large address numbers. “Common sense”…almost a thing of the past! Isn’t it interesting what one sometimes finds on their photos after they are uploaded and enlarged on the computer screen?!

    My sign is HERE.

  3. I think that’s an address I can probably remember. 😉

  4. The address number is almost like having your own personal licence plate number.

  5. Excellent !

    Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens photo

  6. Now who would not want common sense litigation solutions? That’s what the attorneys are hoping also. Great find.

  7. some people have sense of humor.

  8. love the idea of common sense! I thought it was a thing of the past.
    I’m with EG, that’s an address that even I should be able to recall.

  9. The only better address would be 1234! Great catch. 🙂

  10. the address is easy to remember…common sense is what we need to stay away from lawyers.:p

  11. Beautiful shadowy view of the entrance to this lovely building! Great street number!

  12. That’s a nice sign – you’ll see it right away!

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