big sky

By: Lesley

Aug 31 2012

Category: Stratford


Focal Length:42mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

There are so many things I like about this building – the angles, the large upper storey windows and the fact that they went to the trouble of putting in flower boxes.

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14 comments on “big sky”

  1. That is a very cool building! The reflected clouds are like an ever changing work of art framed in the windows.

  2. It would make you feel good about going to work in an office building like that (almost)! Love the flower boxes — and the big blue sky!

  3. Duel windows reflecting clouds and blue sky make a perfect refection.

  4. Joli coups d oeil ;o)

  5. Stunning angles of the building enhance the parade of window reflections! Beautiful!

  6. almost like the IMax theater with the wide angled reflections of clouds!

  7. Flower boxes, with flowers in them in season, tells me that the owner cares.

  8. Beautiful windows reflection!
    Happy weekend to you:)

  9. a very nice composition and clouds reflection !

  10. I love that cloud reflections! Very cool!

  11. The glass of those windows gives to the clouds the most stunning effect… Well done !

  12. Very cool reflection!

  13. This is a great shot. You must have had to really bend your neck back to get it. Such a fine reflection and so colorful genie

  14. The reflections are great. I love such buildings. The look changes every minute.

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