brown fence

By: Lesley

Aug 30 2012

Category: Toronto


Focal Length:42mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

Since for the most part a fence around a front yard is more decorative than useful, it might as well have a bit of decor to it. I like that this fence is brown to match the roof and brown paint of the house it is protecting. I don’t remember which street this was on, but it is in The Beaches area of Toronto.

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12 comments on “brown fence”

  1. This fence surrounds a nice looking yard.
    I like how the color helps the fence blend in with its surroundings. Nice decorative details on the fence as well.

  2. Nice photo….I agree with the brown color of the fence. It is perfect the way it goes with the house.

  3. Unusual to see a brown iron fence- but it does look very nice next to the house!

  4. I love this property. The house, huge trees and the fancy details in the fence. Great shot!

  5. Lovely fence and the garden behind the fence is wonderful.

  6. Very lovely scene…I like it alot!!!

  7. Very nice street appeal… very neat

  8. scratch that… i meant ‘curb appeal’ LoL! =)

  9. The decorative grillwork on the fence caught my eye. Pretty fence.

  10. I love those trees…or what I can see of them. They look massive!

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