the GOOF

By: Lesley

Aug 29 2012

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

Far out in the eastern edge of the area of Toronto known as The Beaches is an unassuming Chinese restaurant officially called The Garden Gate, but affectionately and forever known as The Goof. It all started when the lights of the neon sign burnt out the two Ds leaving the letters GOOFOO brightly lit. The nickname The Goof was established and has been so ever since. I bet if you were to say to someone, “let’s meet at the Garden Gate” many would not know where you meant! It has been around since 1952 and still serves good food at reasonable prices.

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12 comments on “the GOOF”

  1. A fun piece of local lore.

  2. Great story behind a sign mishap! And such and bold coloured sign!

  3. well interesting. a chinese restaurant that doesn’t have the words golden, dragon, luck or red in its name.

  4. I’ve heard of it but have never been!

  5. I had to think a second to catch the boo-boo. It is still a wonderful old sign of days past. We have only one of those left in our town and it is a treasure. genie

  6. That is too funny. “The Goofoo”. Nice piece of history – that!

  7. What a neat little bit of local history you are sharing here!

  8. The GOOF is more catchy.:p

  9. Great sign and even better story.
    Love it when a post comes with such a great background story.

  10. Love the story…

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