Bill Hill

By: Lesley

Aug 01 2012

Category: Oakville, SIGNS


Focal Length:23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

This portion of the Waterfront Trail in Oakville is named for a well loved local man who was known for his benevolence and sense of humour. For years he worked at preserving the heritage and waterfront in the community of Bronte. His Lakeside Marketeria was a mainstay for over 50 years with Bill often making home deliveries to seniors. This was taken during the drought of our long, hot and dry summer.

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12 comments on “Bill Hill”

  1. In my opinion it’s great to honor someone with a sign like this.
    I wonder where the chain is for?

  2. i’m curious at the chain connecting the post to the bench. what’s the story there?:p
    a lovely tribute.

  3. I guess people are finding their thrill on Bill Hill by walking off with the benches! Thus the chains!

  4. Sounds like the the kind of person I would like to meet.

  5. So nice that he is remembered this way!

  6. A beautiful way to remember a man who did so much for a community!

  7. Nice tribute to a good person.


  8. Very nice. I like the bench too!

  9. What a wonderful tribute. Even though there’s a drought, it looks like a very nice park.

  10. That’s a nice tribute, it looks like a great place to relax and enjoy life.

  11. We have parks named for famous (and some times infamous) members of our community. But recently I found it sad that the city fathers chose to rename one of those parks for a living benefactor completely erasing the memory of the long deceased one who actually helped to make our little town what it is today without regards to the feelings of his surviving family who still give so much to our community. It is all a game of money and power in small town government.

    I hope this lovely spot continues to honor Mr. Bill for centuries yet to come.

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