see how we’ve changed

By: Lesley

Jul 25 2012

Category: Oakville


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For Ontarians, this is an exciting change.  The Beer Stores have always had their bottles and cans tucked away in the back and you choose from a very large board showing the names, and sometimes the labels, of the beer on hand. You then tell the cashier what you want and the beer is sent out on a roller counter. Usually, I get annoyed at all the self serving we have to do – gasoline, groceries, banking… but I get a little overwhelmed at the rows of labels up high on the wall and am happy to walk the aisles and pick up my own bottles. Thank you Rebecca St Beer Store.

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16 comments on “see how we’ve changed”

  1. It is much more fun to check out the beer at the LCBO so hopefully all the beer stores may change to self-serve.

  2. Convenience is a wonderful thing. 😉

    My SIGN

  3. I prefer self service so I can take all the time I wish to choose.

  4. I would think one would like to look at the different bottles and perhaps read about the different beers. So this would be a great opportunity for a beer drinker!

  5. Oh my gosh this does sound a lot easier — (We can buy beer in the supermarket in both Oregon or Florida — the different states have different rules.) I remember when I was a very little girl grocery shopping with my mom where she\’d tell the grocer what she wanted and he\’d climb up or reach in and get it….before such a thing as supermarkets. (I am sooooo old!)

  6. Interesting bottle-o sign.

  7. There’s a self serve in Pickering. You actually walk into the cooler. I like it because it gives me a chance to browse at the different brands.

  8. it’s interesting that you used to buy beer sent out on a roller counter.
    beers at the supermarkets here are shelved next to chips and sodas.:p

  9. One of the pet peeves of going to a shop in Cambodia is the over-enthusiastic sales staff, to the point of annoying. They pick out the stuff for you even if you were just about to. I just want to be able to shop in peace, thank you very much. Beers on a roller counter sounds fun.

  10. To me this is odd! For as long as I have known, our beer is available in a fridge or in slabs – all self serve! I must admit, I do prefer being able to select things for myself! I’m not too fond of beer, but like vodka or wine!

  11. You mean there a place more restrictive than Pennsylvania? I hope all of yours switch, this just isn’t right.

  12. Oh, dear…I thought that all beer stores were self serve. I learned something new today. Like the signs on this one. They definitely stand out. genie

  13. it would make me nuts to have to read the boards
    I usually know what I want by seeing the bottle

  14. I find it hard to imagine not being able to do this. It has been self-serve here all of my life.

  15. It’s amazing, that’s for sure. :))

  16. Most of the ones around me are self-serve. I didn’t know that was a “new” idea. Although I typically prefer to buy at the LCBO b/c the Beer Stores smell so awful from all the trade-ins. :S

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