By: Lesley

Jul 05 2012

Category: Mt Forest, SIGNS


Focal Length:15.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This building that now houses a restaurant seems to have been Freeman’s Shoes in another life. This is across the street from this previous sign post.

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11 comments on “shoes”

  1. Love how the sign seems to be melting into the brick textures and shapes! Great to see it has been left! Like a work of art!

  2. Another cool sign. I suppose they don’t paint the names of businesses on the sides of buildings anymore due to the turnover rate of stores!

  3. It’s a nice sign and so is that street. Very pretty!

  4. This is a beautiful sign – The color is delicious! I can imagine the paint would be pretty thick if every business painted over the sign before it!!!

  5. i like the vintage feel of this photo. lovely textures, too.

  6. the sign is beautiful in its weathered state
    fantastic shot

  7. The old sign painted on the bricks adds to the charm of this street. It has a retro feel. I wonder whether its citizens intend that. 🙂

  8. I love these old painted signs and I love when the new owners leave them there.

  9. I agree with Sallie, it somehow belongs to history.

  10. I read something were the writer referred to these kinds of signs as ghost signs. Very apt name. The ghost of the previous business lingers on by way of the signs reminder of the past life.

  11. I like that the sign is painted a vivid contrasting color, to still be noticeable, even though the building is now home to a restaurant.

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