busting through

By: Lesley

Jun 29 2012

Category: Toronto


Focal Length:9.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Nothing will stop this tree from its growth spurt. Not sure where I saw this, but it was in Toronto, in a parking lot of two small strip malls.

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14 comments on “busting through”

  1. That is just too wild!

  2. It won’t be long until they will have to redo it again.
    I applaud the ingenuity.

  3. Its Fantastic. Glad to see some imagination rather than chopping the tree down.

  4. Interesting but if that is on a property boundary I can see problems in the future between the two owners!

  5. that is awesome! 🙂

  6. so smart. creative. (:

  7. Such consideration for the tree!

  8. Someone was very creative!

  9. Always appreciate when people build fences around a live tree rather than cutting it down. Have actually done this myself when a good tree was growning in the fenceline.

  10. Glad they worked at making sure the tree was OK. Great fence post today!

  11. That’s great. I’m glad they didn’t cut down the tree to save the fence.

  12. Can’t fence that tree in~ Neat picture.

  13. Interesting capture and a very lucky find.

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