By: Lesley

Jun 25 2012

Category: Flamborough


Focal Length:25.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A small door inside a bigger door. Seen on a barn at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton.

Participating in Delirious Doors and Barn Charm



18 comments on “doors”

  1. This door is simple in style, it’s main function to keep the wind and weather out. Still, one cannot be to sure of just who would visit out in the hinterlands – a viewport to more easily determine friend from foe…the weathered wood shows off its purpose to protect from the elements, the gray shows off its authenticity. Great door!

  2. Those are well camouflaged doors – I’m not sure I would even see them if it weren’t for the hinges! Great find!

  3. Such character to this. I am intrigued what lies behind. Great shot.

  4. This is a gorgeous photo. I love the texture of it, and the little door within the bigger door, and the hinges too. It’s all wonderful.

  5. How cool! I don’t think I have ever seen this before.

  6. Love this picture. A door within a door. I’ve seen this before here in New Brunswick. Pamela

  7. Great photo. Do you think the small holes may be some birdshot? Looks like a building here on our farm that suffered some damage when my dad, in his very elder years, was trying to shoot a skunk!

  8. Like your perspective. Nice photo.

  9. What a great and unexpected feature.

  10. Very cool door! I wonder what the small door is for. It would be fun to see inside.

  11. I like the simplicity of this Lesley. Nice shot!

  12. such a great door. nice view. (:

  13. makes a cool picture!

  14. Great ol barn door you found for my bathroom door… now, if I can only get my hands on it! LoL! heheheee =)

  15. This was a great find! It’s like the Western frontier version of the door in a door that I saw at Oxford. There’s something just so much fun about ‘secret doors’.

  16. Love all the worm holes in this door. The weathered wood also adds to the charm. I agree with others I would have missed that small door.

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