three of diamonds

By: Lesley

Jun 20 2012

Category: Orangeville, SIGNS


Focal Length:6.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Hardwick House on Mill Street in Orangeville is the old Main Street Station but has been owned by the same family for almost 20 years. There have been stories of footsteps heard on the stairs on the second floor. In spite of the ghostly sounds, the venue is used for indie bands with dances on the first floor and concerts on the second. And, no, I have never been inside for a band, a drink or a haunting.

Participating in signs, signs.



8 comments on “three of diamonds”

  1. Great one! Love that door.

  2. Neat door and sign. Does one enter Hardwick House wherever the arrow is pointing rather than through the “three diamonds” door? Would love to see the stained glass window when it has light shining through it.

    My sign is HERE

  3. Interesting placement of the diamonds on the door.

  4. 4 lights and 3 diamonds…quite an interesting door. It looks like above it is a piece of stained glass. Like the geometric component to this shot. genie

  5. Is that a “domino” in the window above?

  6. A most unusual entrance. The concrete looks new and modern contracted by the old lights and stained glass.

  7. Any sign that contains a Knight’s Head would get my attention. I have a thing for Knights and castles.

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