Queen’s Park

By: Lesley

May 30 2012

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

 The Legislature Building at Queen’s Park is a magnificent building made of sandstone with richly carved details. On the west tower at the front entrance can be seen the date 1792 – the date of Upper Canada’s (later called Ontario) first Legislative Assembly. They met in various buildings, in different towns, until this one was built in 1893. The right shows the shield of Ontario with the three maple leaves and St George’s Cross (in allegiance to King George III to whom the Loyalists first came to this land).

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21 comments on “Queen’s Park”

  1. I love all the carving on this building – you could probably do a different post for several months just from it!

    • I know!! I could probably start a whole new daily blog just on this building and not run out of pictures! Unfortunately, I am finding it difficult to get much information on a lot of the faces.

  2. Great shot. I always admire these carvings on old buildings.

  3. What lovely details!

    My sign entry is here: Signs

  4. I love how both sides are completely different in design.

  5. Those are quite elaborate carvings!

  6. very ornate facade and wow, that’s old.

  7. Nice shot! You;ve captured so much detail.

  8. No sign today — we’re getting ready to travel…just dropped by to say hi and hope all is well with you. See you when we get settled in again.

  9. 1792 and in perfect condition to my eyes. What a beautiful piece of architecture. So ornate and pretty. genie

  10. Very cool “signs”! I guess you did the tour of Queen’s Park last weekend? I would have liked to, but I was afraid it would be too crowded.

  11. That’s an amazing building. The carvings are well-preserved. It reminds me of the ornate carvings in the centuries-old temples here.

  12. the carved details and the texture of sandstone are beautiful!

  13. Rich carved details, indeed. Even the beaver is in nice proportions.

  14. Lots of history in this building.

  15. really beautiful
    I love stone

  16. Beautiful detail in this facade! And love the tone of the sandstone!

  17. hi, it’s me again
    the Red Bicycle is a bike shop
    there is a red bike in the window that looks very old so I assume it has some signifigance
    I was illegally parked LOL and didn’t want to go in and risk getting towed
    it’s a busy town wth huge parking issues

  18. Love all the details on the building. They just do not do this kind of work anymore.

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