owl and fish

By: Lesley

May 28 2012

Category: Oakville, sacred


Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The John Bell Chapel at Appleby College in Oakville has a magnificent gallery of stained glass windows, both modern and traditional. This one was the last stained glass window for the 75th Anniversary and was designed by renowned Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashewak in 2004. the fish (an arctic char) is important symbol of Christianity but is also important to the Inuit culture. The owl is one of her signatures and as a symbol of  learning was something important for the school chapel.

“I am an owl, and I am a happy owl. I like to make people happy and everything happy. I am the light of happiness and I am a dancing owl.” kenojuak, 1978

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7 comments on “owl and fish”

  1. What an original image! That owl does indeed look pretty happy – I generally think of them as pretty severe creatures 🙂

  2. Beautiful window! The vibrant blues create a deep sea and sky background to bring one’s eye to focus on the two creatures.

  3. This is a beautiful window! The fish is a symbol of Christian life, and of life it gives and maintains as food. I am not sure of the peacock, perhaps combined with the fish to show the breadth of life forms in the sea and on land, the coexistence of life and living of all. The colors, glass and woodwork make for beautiful art!

  4. Oh wow! That is fantastic. I am a BIG fan of owls, and to see one used so artistically is wonderful.

  5. Amazing colour indeed ! Thank you for this joy.

  6. Certainly not your usual expectation for a church window. But, I love owls and find it delightful. My husbands mother was a stained glass artist and received the first living treasure award from the state of Arkansas for her work. Hubby worked in her studio all of his teen years. I will have to show this photo to him.

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