Herb Bowes

By: Lesley

May 23 2012

Category: Dundas


Focal Length:13.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

We were visiting friends in Dundas when I noticed that there was some work being done at the Herb Bowes Cleaners on King St. The inside looked empty. I am imagining that this sign will be the next one to disappear from the street.

Some of my regular visitors will have noticed that I have been posting a little sporadically of late. That is due to some unfortunate issues surrounding work (me) and health (a family member). By summer, at least one of these issues will be resolved.

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15 comments on “Herb Bowes”

  1. Good luck with all that Lesley!

  2. Hope things settle down on your end. Life can be tricky at times! Dry cleaning was faster in the states…..I remember a 1-hour dry cleaners in our small town!

    • yes, I have seen many one hour dry cleaners. perhaps this guy is very meticulous? or he has been in the business since before things speeded up?!

  3. Interesting old sign style! Most of our dry cleaners don’t mention time these days! Hope life settles for you soon!

  4. there aren’t many cleaners around nowadays. is this because people are not buying drycleanable clothes anymore? too much hassle?

  5. The sign is great, I imagine dry cleaners are not so popular these days (they certainly aren’t necessary to my life any more).
    Thank you for continuing with this great meme, even though things aren’t going as smoothly as they might be. We appreciate you! And I very much hope both health and work issues will be happily resolved soon.

  6. Fantastic angle to shoot this great sign. And I love the colors.

  7. I hope if they do take the sign down, that they try to save it. I hate seeing these old pieces of neon culture being demolished forever!!!

    And now that it is mentioned … I hardly ever see dry cleaners around either! Our town has one, but do most of their business not in dry cleaning, but in taking in regular laundry and charging by the load to clean, dry and fold!

  8. I’ve been wonder why you weren’t posting regularly. I hope things work out in you favour. I do miss you postings but family always comes first.

  9. wishing you all the best!
    dry-cleaners are not very popular here anymore. i guess only those in the entertainment business and the politicos go to the dry cleaners these days. thanks for showing us before they finally take this down.

  10. What a great old sign. Hope they are able to salvage it somehow.
    Good luck with the issues. We’ve all been having our turns at it, so it seems.

  11. Love this gentleman’s name. Herb Bowes. I can almost see a face to go with it. Sorry, the shop is closed but hope it was not out of disaster. Sadly, all good things do come to a natural end.

    I will say a few prayers for your family member recovery and that your load be lightened soon.

  12. I wish you the best in all that is happening, hugs

    love old signs like this one

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