four tulips

By: Lesley

May 18 2012

Category: Oakville


Focal Length:19.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I really like the decorative railings on some of the front porches in older neighbourhoods and since I have no other fences to post at the moment, I am sharing this one with the lovely pink tulips I found in Bronte. Most of the tulips are ending, but there are still a few that are late bloomers.

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19 comments on “four tulips”

  1. Lesley: Your iron fence looks like the ones I have ben photographing lately. I love them because they are so vintage looking. I love the old.The four tulips add such a sweet touch. This is one of those special shots that I am drawn to. So pretty. genie

  2. Oh gorgeous — I miss tulips (literally and figuratively — we don’t get the usual spring flowers here in Florida). Beautiful home too.

  3. The pink tulips add a lovely softness to the wrought iron fence!
    Nice composition!

  4. What a wonderfully charming fence. I love the bright color splash of the tulips.

  5. Oh, this definitely qualifies as a fence photo! Lovely!

    Fence, Sky, Clouds

  6. Really gorgeous! Love the fence and the tulips!

  7. I even like the plinth which the wrought iron is sitting on, that little bit of detailing around the edge makes such a difference. I really like wrought iron.

  8. Very pretty fence with the tulips and bush.

  9. Oh these is so pretty photo.

    Friday Fence

  10. The ironwork is quite attractive.

  11. Very pretty setting…Sure do wish tulips bloomed all spring n summer!

  12. what a nicely composed shot – and the tulips are such a wonderful colour!


  13. very pretty
    I love the scroll on the fence and the red brick

  14. Very pretty tulips and lovely railing and brick wall. I like the composition of your photo.

  15. Great composition and color contrasts. Hard to beat black wrought iron for fences, especially when accented with the last pink tulips of the season.

  16. Beautiful shot. The set up is great!

  17. Love everything about this shot. But, that pop of pink puts it over the top.

  18. You’re right, that’s very pretty!

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