By: Lesley

May 16 2012

Category: Caledon, SIGNS


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This bakery has undergone some changes since it first opened in the 1930s in the village of Alton, just outside Orangeville. It has been a family operation since 1966. The menu has gradually been added to to include some casual fine dining along with the fresh baked breads and pastries. If you plan it right, your evening meal may be eaten to the accompaniment of local musicians.

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14 comments on “R3”

  1. It must be a great bakery if it has been around since the 1930s!

  2. i like the R3 logo…a bakery and bistro sound like a great combination.:p

  3. What a great name. So clever and unique, and it is even quite attractive to beat. I would certainly stop in there for a sweet non-caloric bite. genie

  4. Sounds like a great place!

  5. the food must be good to be around for so long.

  6. R3 has a sense of special importance! No need for words – just a recognisable symbol! Love the raised design of the sign! Beautiful!

  7. I am going to have get out more often and discover Southern Ontario as much as you do.

  8. I could do with some fresh bread about now. Sounds like a delicious place!

  9. I love the strong graphics in the sign.

  10. «Louis» would LOVE to check this out! He really likes to bake bread. His dream is to open a French-style boulangerie.

  11. I want to go there! Great sign and your review makes it sound even more tempting.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful place to spend a pleasant meal. And, I can never say no to a good pastry.

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