sand sod

By: Lesley

May 09 2012

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


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It is not unusual, in older areas of Toronto, to find houses that have been made into corner stores. This one looks like it may have also had a garden centre. It is hard to imagine what has befallen this poor building, but it is good to see that the graffiti police have been out to clean up the scrawls on the siding. Or, wouldn’t it be funny if the ‘sand’ and ‘sod’ were also graffiti?! Either way, it is for sale. Seen at the corner of Dundas and … somewhere east of Yonge.

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14 comments on “sand sod”

  1. I think you are right about the sand and sod Lesley. The words look newer than the rest of the building.

  2. this one looks ready to give in. who knows, the next time you’re back here, this is already a convenience store…or a Starbucks. :p

  3. it looks ready to cave in. sad.

  4. A wee bit rough-looking! I think I’ll pass on this purchase.

  5. Bit of a paint job for whoever buys the building! Interesting.

  6. Interesting old character, but the poor roofline looks like it has been sapped of strength!

  7. It looks like a tree fell on it, but I can’t figure out how… maybe the sod truck dumped part of its load on the roof?

  8. This house looks like it’s on its last legs. Perhaps someone will tear it down soon and build up something new. That seems to be the trend in a lot of areas.

  9. it looks like something fell on it
    poor old thing

  10. Looks like a “handyman’s special”!

  11. Lovely feel of history about it thought I would think it need a lot of work doing!

  12. If we do not hurry up and do some repairs on our roof, it is going to look like the one in your photo. I this the Sand and Sod signs are really signs, but I can wee where the owners have tried to spray over and cover real gfraffiti. YOu always spst the neatest shot. Have a nice weekend, genie

  13. Your building may be past its prime but the location is not. I’m sure that before too long it will be replaced by some ultra modern cyber cafe or even a do-nut shop.

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