sacred carvings

By: Lesley

May 07 2012

Category: Hamilton


Focal Length:7.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The intricately carved door panels of the St Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church. These carvings appear on both sides of the double doors, but, as might be expected, this interior view shows less wear from the elements.

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5 comments on “sacred carvings”

  1. My goodness, that is truly beautiful, what an amazing find! I would love to rub my fingers over that…

  2. Beautiful carvings….I love the diversity of the designs.

  3. The woodwork is exquisite, carved in a wonderfully intricate style. Even the hardware is cast in an ornate way. The inside of the door is lovely, the exterior is no doubt just as stylish, with even more character due to the weathering. A fabulous door!

  4. Oh, my, that is one gorgeous door!

  5. Lovely Door. I captured this doors twin during a stay in Santa Fe. I will have to dig it out and post it some day. Thanks for the reminder.

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