By: Lesley

May 02 2012

Category: Orangeville


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The Uptown in Orangeville hasn’t been a movie theatre for about ten years, since it was bought by the Good Friends Fellowship Church. According to one website I found, the church uses the main floor theatre – with refurbished original seating – as a sanctuary. The upper floor theatre is now used as a media centre and for childrens activities. There seems to be something happening here almost every night so the marquee out front is one way to let everyone know about the events – including a monthly movie (the next one is May 17th when The Shunning will be shown)

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13 comments on “uptown”

  1. i miss seeing this kind of marquee—most of the old theaters here have been closed; either the building is too old, or the city hall padlocked it for some violation or illegal activity.

  2. Lesley – I screwed up my link on the signs site and linked back to the signs blog instead of to my blog so I am going to put another link up and can you get rid of the first one? Sorry!!
    Love the old marquee – glad that they kept it for their own purposes.

  3. Fascinating place to hold services and get people’s attention.

  4. I’ve seen old churches repurposed as housing, etc. but never a movie theater repurposed as a church! Interesting idea. And I like the marquee sign. I bet they have a young congregation.

  5. Old churches seem to be re-invented as restaurants as homes here in Australia, but old theatres tend to be pulled down (sadly)! Glad to see one operating so vibrantly!

  6. I’m glad they preserved the old marquee. It’s pretty classy.

  7. I’ve seen one that is a converted theater too. I think it’s okay to do that.

  8. I like the way the marquee is split and faces left and right
    it’s wonderful how you enhanced the color and muted the building

  9. Like the marque. It is a really eye-catcher with all of its red and white. This is a perfect example of Reusing” a piece of architecture in a different from the way it was intended. I think this is a fine post. genie

  10. This is a wonderful reuse of the sign, and judicious use of colour, Lesley. Using the sign in such a way tells me a lot about the openness of the church. I hope it is not a form of spin.

  11. My goodness — well at least tlhey saved the building!

  12. We have an old theater here that has been sitting empty for decades. The owners list local charity events on the marquee. That old marquee is the only part of that fabulous building that sees any action. So sad. I would welcome a church or any business that gave the old place some new life.

  13. The sign was redone because the church wanted to honour the History of the theatre. which was open in1927. this sign was put up in the 70’s when they put the second screen in upstairs.

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