high, healthy, happy

By: Lesley

Apr 18 2012

Category: Mt Forest


Focal Length:9.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This motto on the water tower in Mount Forest is worth a second look!

Participating in signs, signs


11 comments on “high, healthy, happy”

  1. Those towers fascinated me when we first saw them in traveling (there aren’t any around where we used to live). A pretty good advertisement for this town.

  2. Sounds like someplace I need to visit!

  3. i’ve never seen a water tower this high.

  4. Love the positive message on the tower! Usually a tower suggests polluting industry, but this one demands to be noticed as being different! Good one!

  5. “I get high with the help of my friends!” Healthy? Happy!!

  6. I’m enjoying the photo. Nice capture.

  7. Argh … but I am not high, but low … does that mean I am unhealthy AND unhappy?

  8. I didn’t realize Mount Forest was so high!

  9. interesting water tower…i like the town’s motto.

  10. Cool signage on the water tower. It is a real eye catcher. I am wondering if you have to be all three to live there or just one or two will suffice. Like it, and it is a good motto. genie

  11. I love capturing water towers. I have dozens in my collection. They can be so original and tell so much about the community they serve.

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