a fond look

By: Lesley

Apr 16 2012

Category: barns, Halton


Focal Length:220mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

There is not much I can say about this barn, except that with the new hospital construction going on around it, I doubt it will last much longer. Seen while sitting in traffic on Dundas, Hwy 5 in Oakville.

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19 comments on “a fond look”

  1. love the roof. rustic. (:

  2. It looks to me to be made of stone or concrete. I hope it does not have to go because of the new hospital. It is such an interesting structure. Love the leaning windows. Bet the inside holds many stories. genie

  3. I agree with Genie. It looks like it is made of concrete. I love the rusty tin roof. It’s too bad if it will be torn down.

  4. It’s a beautiful old barn. I hate to see them disappearing.

  5. Beautiful. I hate to hear that it is in danger.

  6. Hard to find a concrete barn and the rustic roof awesome!

    Red Barn

  7. This is definitely an old barn because those trees wouldn’t have been at its front door blocking the entrance when it was built. It was certainly formidable in its time.

  8. Glad you got a shot of it, before it’s torn down!

  9. I’m glad you got a shot of this charming old barn before it’s torn down! I think some of these oldies should be on a Endangered Barns list!

  10. It has a great shape. I like the size and the windows. Sadly, I’d say it won’t be around long either.
    It looks like it would take quite a bit to restore it.
    Glad you could document that it was there.

  11. These colors make the shot very beautiful! 🙂

  12. Love that rusty old roof!

  13. Very nice shot – that is a big barn! Lots of nice windows too – it must have been a beauty in its day!

  14. oh no, i hope not!

  15. Yep, a lot of Ontario’s heritage is succumbing to new construction, I fear.

  16. Lovely shot! Glad you captured it while it’s still standing.

  17. I hate to see it go, but glad you got a final shot of it. love that rusted roof

    Thanks for joining =)

  18. Interesting how it’s so well protected by the trees. I bet it’s hard to spot in the summertime! Hopefully it won’t be torn down. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. So glad you were able to save this old place for others to enjoy through your photo. Sad to see so many going by the wrecking ball or just neglect.

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