By: Lesley

Apr 15 2012

Category: Kincardine


Focal Length:48mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

An upper balcony in an apartment above some stores on the main street in Kincardine gets the full evening sun. I find the solid door to be a little disappointing, but interesting. The railing, however, does not disappoint.

Participating in Sunlit Sunday and Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors



13 comments on “balcony”

  1. Hi, Lesley

    I see what you mean about the door. I like the curved top on it, but perhaps a French door with the same top edge would let in more of the glorious evening light. A chair might be nice, it looks like a fine spot to sit and take a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks so much for linking to Sunlight Sunday.


  2. The balcony is very pretty with the curved arch. But you are right, the door is a little dissapointing.

  3. Calling by as another Sunlit Sunday participant, I also would want to make more of that door but maybe it is just storage. 😦

  4. Lovely balcony in the sun.

  5. Wonderfully warm and welcoming picture!!! Thank you! Cathy

  6. Nice to have a balcony in the sun.

  7. It is a wonderful balcony though! Does need a new door.

  8. Wowee, what a beautiful balcony! It would be just right for Juliet, or for me in an easy chair 🙂
    Great find!

  9. That is an amazing balcony! I love the lighting you captured it in, too. I wonder what the view from up there is like. Thanks for stopping by at mine.

  10. I love the arch! And that wrought iron barrier is nice too. 🙂

  11. Because it’s so different, the door appeals to me–maybe the juxtaposition of the wood with the brick and wrought iron. You’re right though that the railing is extraordinary.

  12. It is a beautiful building – the brick, and big arch are quite impressive. It is the detailed vertical brick above, the shape inside is much like miniature arches from side to side. Add the classic wrought iron railing, thelook os of the classy style of yore. A fabulous capture!

  13. Agree about the door. But, what a great space for enjoying some down time.

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