in a bright light

By: Lesley

Apr 10 2012

Category: Wellington


Focal Length:27.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I need to get out and find some more barns, but I haven’t had time. I don’t think this one has been posted before. It was taken last summer somewhere outside Guelph. The late evening sun was shining nicely on the yellow addition.

As a side note… any recommendations for replacing the free Picnik?

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16 comments on “in a bright light”

  1. poor tattered place… 🙂

  2. I think the addition was painted that bright yellow to capture you attention and distract you from seeing the whole picture.
    I like the stone foundation and the silo.

    I’ve seen lots of folks talk about PicMonkey. Another blogging friend who used Picnic just told me today she tried it and loves it. I haven’t used either but it might be worth a try. 🙂

  3. I like the lighting here, and that stone foundation! If you liked Picnik, I think you would like PicMonkey.

  4. wow, great silo, big barn, little barn. so cute. & yellow too!! have you checked out picmonkey? it is great. so many options. (:

  5. The little yellow addition n old blue car do distract for the old rustic barn. I do love the stone work on it! I use picmonkey and both great programs.

  6. This is a great barn with a nice stone foundation. Great lighting. I’m using Picasa for my editing and it’s being updated a lot lately so it’s similar to Picnik. I don’t do a lot of editing other than some framing so I’m happy with it. I prefer original – straight out of the camera – photos myself.

  7. love the stone foundation and what a cute little yellow building!

  8. Great photo! I love the look of this barn even though it is in a state of disrepair. The little yellow add-on is a bonus. Marvelous light!

  9. What a lovely old barn, even if it is a bit tattered. That is part of its charm. I’m going to give PicMonkey a try.

  10. What a beauty of a barn & look at that stone foundation… love it!

    Yes, picmonkey is a nice lil free program, also, befunky, and there’s a couple others, but they’re on my other computer, so I’ll get them & let ya know when I get home.

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  11. I love, love, love evening light…

    I have downloaded a “BImage studio” but have not installed it…while making this comment I have tried to figure/find where I read about it. And though I have found links to it, I cannot find where I read about it to begin with. I have glanced at C-net andand and Kim Komando’s site and not seeing it at first glance. But wherever I saw it mentioned first gave it a pretty good write-up…and it was a place I was familiar with and trusted.

    I have heard several mention the picmonkey but have not even looked it up yet…

  12. Thanks for all these tips. Anyone who is a regular here knows I don’t use much post processing and rarely anything fancy, but sometimes a photos needs a bit of help…. I will miss Picnik, but I’m sure I will love again.

  13. I love the lighting in this photo!

  14. What a fine barn, Lesley! Great image!

  15. I like it!

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