home of dreams

By: Lesley

Apr 09 2012

Category: Toronto


Focal Length:13.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A friend of mine has bought a nice little house in Don Mills. I like the lines and the fancy grill design on the door. If he were to put a larger porch (sans railing) on the front it would be perfect.

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4 comments on “home of dreams”

  1. Oh, I agree, that is a very nicely thought out set of windows and doors! Very modern looking, but still homey 🙂
    I grew up in a house with red brick just like that, it always makes me feel like a little kid 🙂
    Great find as always – thanks so much for participating in WWDD!

  2. Lesley, sorry I am playing catch up after a busy weekend. I been backtracking here and not only do you have some wonderful photos but I have learned about some new memes. Even linked up to one. So thanks for providing me with some new avenues for my post.

    You will find many homes like this in St. Louis. Complete subdivisions of them were built back in the fifties. The ones I have been inside were very ultra modern. I also agree this porch is much to small for the doorway.

    • I agree about how modern the interior of these 1950s homes are!
      Glad you are finding some new memes (there is certainly something for everyone!)

  3. This house is a beauty, perhaps a late 1950’s custom split level. I like the wall of windows that surround the front door – perfect to let the sun warm up the home in the summer. This is a custom that is not overbearing – not too big nor too small – but just right…except when trying to clean all those windows!

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