By: Lesley

Apr 04 2012

Category: Mt Forest, SIGNS


Focal Length:14.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Another ghost sign, but with a twist – this one belongs to a business that is still up and running! This store seems to have been in this location on the main street of Mount Forest for a very long time and when I wandered inside, I was pleasantly surprised. For a small town they had a wide selection of goods.

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15 comments on “ghostly”

  1. I like old-timely shops like this one!

  2. Very ghostly sign. Good thing that you have caught it for posterity.

  3. old brick buildings have a certain appeal to me.
    great find.

  4. That is great that they are still in business – and still at the same location. You can really see how the letters have faded since they put up that overhand.

  5. I have seen this sign but have never wandered into this store. Maybe I will next time!

  6. nice location it seems. and i also like the flowers on the post.

  7. So much charm in this old place! Love the brick textures and the faded advertisement on the wall! The touch of colour from street flowers on the post adds more magic!

  8. Wonder if it’s been in the same family all this time? Fun find. Thanks for hosting “Signs” Lesley — I missed it last week! I’m not able to leave a comment over there — I liked your “superior” sign.

  9. You can come up with the best finds. Love the “ghostly” ones. They are so interesting. I love the idea of the flowers on the light post. Our little college town has them on the posts here and they are so pretty. genie

  10. A great looking, well-cared for building. Always fun to find the ghost signs.

  11. That’s a very well preserved brick building! Even the surrounding is very clean!

  12. I really love seeing those ghost signs.

  13. Nice to see a small business last so long in this day and age.

  14. The bottom part of the sign seems to have been maintained – perhaps they can’t afford the scaffolding that would be needed to get a painter up to the top part.

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