By: Lesley

Mar 17 2012

Category: Innisfil


Focal Length:66mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

A house under renovations in Cookstown seems to have a split personality.

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13 comments on “tower”

  1. This is cool. I’d like a little tower like this for my house.

  2. Looks like they’ll have a nice place for a view (is there one?).

  3. I always wonder what people do in this tower areas/rooms. I picture it as a place to sit and read or visit with someone..

  4. Great catch – how odd!

  5. Love the picture. Split personality indeed. Well done!

  6. Beautiful photo…and very interesting!

  7. There are some beautiful old homes in Cookstown, aren’t there? I really miss the Princely Pear.

  8. Good Morning, Lesley
    I’d like to explore that tower and see the surroundings. It’s a pity the structure is losing the old style shingles, but I guess one needs to be practical at times.

  9. Neat picture! It will look great when they get it finished. Looks like they are doing away with the wood shingles.

  10. Very creative, split personality. Love the light and the shadows shown here. I bet the shingles have been there a long time.
    Very nice photo.

  11. I love houses with towers. Fun shot.

  12. Yes it does look like the tower has a split personality. However what a great view you can have from there.

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