By: Lesley

Mar 16 2012

Category: Burlington


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

One might think that these homeowners have forgotten they have this fence beyond their overgrown hedge. It separates their back yard from a small parkette that sits between them and their neighbour, whose fence was shown earlier this month.

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17 comments on “ramshackle”

  1. Quite a difference in their fence and their neighbor’s fence. 🙂
    I could not have a fence and let it be falling over.

  2. I think that fence could use a little—or a lot—of TLC!

    Feather in the Fence

  3. A leaning fence. It sure needs a little help.

  4. What a great shot, sort of adds a bit of character..

  5. It looks like it was once a large double gate. I like the sepia tones of the photo.

  6. A lot of character in that shot….but that fence doesn’t look long for this world!

  7. could use some TLC. but what a beautiful shot. so nice. (:

  8. Love this shot n the sepia finish.

  9. the fence needs repair but it makes for a wonderful photo

  10. The leaning fence….very interesting. It does have personality. I like it just the way it is. genie

  11. This fence was quite handsome in better times, I’m sure. Still a very graceful shape. Too bad the owners are not seeing what their neighbors have to look at.

  12. Wow, almost feel like calling them up and showing them your pic! (just joking:) ) Great capture Leslie!

  13. hmmmm….
    «Louis» feels like that fence looks today… (sigh)

  14. It couldn’t lean much farther without falling…

  15. By using the sepia tone I get the feeling the fence (actually looks like a gate to drive through to me) is abandoned. Nice.

  16. Very good photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  17. Once upon a time that was probably a stately gate- too bad someone hasn’t returned it to it’s original glory.

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