By: Lesley

Mar 07 2012

Category: Ottawa, SIGNS


Focal Length:49.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Elan Mode is a (pricey) Ladieswear Shop in the Byward Market area of Ottawa. I get the long, slender image of the woman in heels wrapped in the stylized E of the name as if it is a ribbon, but why the DE of Mode has been erased and replaced with the slug at the bottom right baffles me.

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14 comments on “Elan”

  1. I think someone had a bright idea but it became lost in the graphic process! Even the “MO” seems out of “style” with the rest of the sign! An interesting one!

  2. Totally weird! A slug! Eww!

  3. It did have an art deco E, which might have been in style with the rest of it.
    Not sure I want to dress up for a slug ogling me.

  4. Someones making a joke, is he called Mo. Great find.

  5. Why is there a slug there? Is shopping for clothes that slow?

  6. That is totally weird! The slug would turn me off. (Course I don’t shop at pricey clothing stores, so its quite possible there’s something I just don’t understand!)

  7. Pretty well designed. Awesome!


  8. the “MODE” part is probably a work in progress.:p
    marvelous sign.

  9. Maybe it is simply to get people talking …

  10. Well, at least Spud hasn’t been there! 😉
    Nice sign, but like everyone else, I can’t figure out the significance of the slug.

  11. it looks pricey 🙂

  12. Two clashing elements, indeed! I don’t get the slug part, too.

  13. I agree with you. The first part is very chic; the second part? Not so much!

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