By: Lesley

Mar 05 2012

Category: Innisfil


Focal Length:19.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It seemed an odd name for a cafe, especially one that is as elegant as this one turned out to be. Elegant in a relaxed sort of way. Turns out that LOL is also the first part of the Cookstown postal code.

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8 comments on “lol”

  1. That is an interesting name and that it is a part of the postal code! How fun! Looks like a great restaurant! I would love to have a meal there!! Wonderful capture, Lesley!


  2. Good use of a reno building!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. As long as the coffee is good – what’s in a name 🙂

  4. Great name. I’d be smiling from the first moment I walk in and if the food is good … WOW! Love the building. Fun post!

  5. Great design for the front of the building!
    Because lol also means Laugh Out Loud in computer language,
    I can see why they named it that way, also because it fits with the 3 words above the window: Taste, Relax, Enjoy.

  6. Nice shot. I’m guessing that the cafe is older than the internet.

    • No, actually it has only been around a couple of years, though the building has been a fixture since 1910. They deliberately chose LOL for the play on laugh out loud and the address. (according to their website)

  7. You just never know what is inside, do you? Glad it turned out to be a great eating place even if it’s name suggests otherwise.

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