Governor’s House

By: Lesley

Mar 03 2012

Category: Kitchener


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The Governor’s House where the ‘gaoler’ of the Waterloo County Jail lived reflects his respected position in town (then called Berlin,now Kitchener). Built in 1878, it is a mid Victorian Italian Villa style with a four storey tower (the staircase can be seen here). The house was built in front of the old jail and acted as a buffer between the community and  the jail with its prisoners.

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14 comments on “Governor’s House”

  1. That would have been an odd place to live (and an odd item on the job description .. to serve as a buffer…). Does someone live in it now?

  2. It’s pretty. I guess it’s a museum or something now?

    • Actually, the jail building is still being used (though I believe it is a traffic court), and the House is offices connected to the court. I got inside during the Doors Open last summer.

  3. Lesley,

    It’s a very grand looking building, as was the staircase in your other post. I found it so interesting that the jail was behind the house.

    Thanks for linking to “Sunlit Sunday” this week.


  4. Love how the house acted as a buffer between community and jail! And such a beautiful, stylish buffer!

  5. What a beautiful, old building!

  6. Interesting story. I don’t think I’d like to live that close to the jail and as a buffer!

  7. […] Ontario, discovered architecturally Governor’s House […]

  8. Magnificent house. In all the small towns in my state the keeper of the jail always lived near the jail. In some cases in the same building. An awe inspiring staircase for sure.

  9. The architecture on the building is interesting as is the history behind it.

  10. I love old Ontario architecture – this is a lovely example.

  11. A wonderful old house!

  12. A very impressive building.

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