train cellar

By: Lesley

Feb 29 2012

Category: Mt Forest, SIGNS


Focal Length:7.3mm
Shutter:1/200 sec

The Train Cellar on Main Street in Mt Forest is the place to go for all your model railway needs. Having looked at their website and their facebook page, I can confirm that this is for the serious hobbyist. I liked the sign, and the fact that the red and blue matched the M&M meat shop sign further down the street.

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18 comments on “train cellar”

  1. Colour coordination in Mt Forest.

  2. It is a cute sign! And looks like a cute street too.

  3. A neat colourful sign for a store with big boys toys. Reminds me of
    George’s Trains that for years was located on Mount Pleasant Rd. in Toronto.

  4. even though I’m not a train hobbyist, I think I might like browsing the store

  5. Complementing signs! Now that is very clever advertising! One highlights the other! The train sign is a really unusual, captivating shape!

  6. Is it actually in a cellar or on the street level? I like the sign.

  7. nice to see businesses such as this are still doing strong in this economy.

  8. I like the play on the various meanings of cellar/seller, too. The look of this streetscape is very pleasing to the eye, Lesley. I am a bit of a friend to train fanatics, but have never been fanatically involved myself.

  9. Neat sign, great colors, and a nice play on words too.

  10. That would be a fun place to browse around!

  11. Its a quaint little town with cute signs.

  12. Nice to know that there is still an interest in model trains. Most folks seem too attached to their i-phones, i-pads, droids and other electronic gadgets to get involved in a hobby.

  13. i always enjoy your angle shots. i wonder what the Train Cellar sells.:p

  14. There is nothing in this world like a model train with all of its tracks and other goodies. My BFF’s father had one that took up the entire basement. It was a dream come true. He had everything imaginable. I would love to go in this store just to see what displays they had. What a great find. Just wish I had been there with you. genie

  15. Nice signs and I like the colors. Do both shops belong together?

  16. […] This building that now houses a restaurant seems to have been Freeman’s Shoes in another life. This is across the street from this previous sign post […]

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