Hutton & sons

By: Lesley

Feb 21 2012

Category: barns, Grey-Bruce


Focal Length:27.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Mr James Hutton might want to get one of his sons up on this barn with a paint brush. Or roller. Or whatever is the best way to freshen up the sides of this black barn near Kincardine.

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21 comments on “Hutton & sons”

  1. LOL you tell’em nice pic

  2. it is still really a pretty one, though! 🙂

  3. So beautiful, the snowy scene… love the weathered wood and stone foundation… looks like it still offers shelter from the cold!

  4. I’m thinking they paint it with a spray of some sort. I’ve never actually seen anyone painting a barn, come to think of it.

  5. love the color there. i love snowy scenes. (:

  6. I think he will want to wait until the snow melts and it gets a little warmer! I love pictures of barns in snow.

  7. I like it! I love that weathered wood…

  8. Nice shot! From the looks of it, it hasn’t had a new coat of paint in a good many years. James may not be around anymore and his sons may be elderly and not able to get out and paint the barn.

  9. That is beautiful!! Looks like our neighbors barn ^_^

    Red Barn

  10. It’s a nice barn and I’m glad you can still read the writing!

  11. It may need paint, but it still has plenty of character. It’s wonderful! :>)

  12. I love the looks of the weathered wood, the stone foundation and the snow.

  13. I agree Lesley, a paint job would be in order. Regardless it’s still a grand old barn.

  14. oh but i like the way it’s fading!

  15. I have to agree… she needs a paint job! But what a beauty she is

    Thanks so much for sharing w/ us at Barn Charm =)

  16. Beautiful photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  17. I think it would lose some character if painted!

  18. I wonder if Hutton or his sons are still on this farm – – – –

  19. Love that stone foundation! 🙂

  20. Really like the stone foundation of the barn. This one is a real beauty. I see very few with the stonework. This is lovely. genie

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