By: Lesley

Feb 19 2012

Category: bridges, Ottawa


Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This plaque on the first  of the three Minto Bridges in Ottawa fits well with the Victorian construction. It lists the contractor as the Dominion Bridge Company, a Canadian steel bridge contractor from Lachine Quebec which began operations in the mid 1880s but fell into decline after the work for the 1976 Olympics was completed. It gradually closed plants and ceased to operate in the 1990s.

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11 comments on “1900”

  1. wonder who Minto was, we have an activist John Minto here. In certain parts of the world, the steel would be stolen as sold as scrap metal.

  2. The last comment had an old post. Here’s this week’s.

  3. These steel beam bridges seem to be outlasting the companies that built them. Lets hope the government keeps on maintaining them. Your photo is like my posting. It keeps from sight the true shape of the bridge but our eyes still recognize it as a bridge. Well done Lesley.

  4. They knew how to build bridges then.

  5. It’s a lovely photo! I love steel bridges:)

  6. Hi, I am new here. I love these steel bridges. Great photo.

  7. Sad to see these old bridges not being used. Cool photo.

  8. I have seen these bridges, but not the plaque. Interesting perspective here with that triangle tower in the back.

  9. Very good photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. I love when they tell us the history of structures.

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