green dragon

By: Lesley

Feb 15 2012

Category: Gananoque


Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The green dragon in The House of Dragon restaurant in Gananoque is a soccer fan.

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17 comments on “green dragon”

  1. Oh, he’s a cutie! Great find!

  2. In certain parts of Toronto, you can certainly feel like you’re in Shanghai. Really nice sign today!

  3. They may do a lot of business in this year of the dragon!

  4. Great eye to catch the details in that one!

  5. I think it’s a great year for dragon restaurants!

  6. aren’t dragons usually red? this is the first green dragon i’ve seen.

  7. Cool shot. Have you ever eaten there?

  8. LIke the green dragon…I have seen a number of green ones in stories I have read to my classes. Nice capture and a fun find. genie

  9. I had never seen a green dragon either and thought they were always red, for some reason.

  10. this is fantastic!
    your perspecitive is wonderful

    I love the facade

  11. I wonder why he is green, maybe after the color of jade that brings good luck!

  12. I’d be afraid to eat there…that it might be too spicy! Cute sign, though!

  13. The only time I have ever seen a green dragon is as a symbol of one of our building societies (and now operates as a bank!) It is called St George! This is such an adorable sign! The dragon looks as if it has a little bit of a quirky attitude! Adorable!

  14. a green dragon–i havent’ seen one before, only red.:P

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