By: Lesley

Feb 08 2012

Category: Orangeville


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The upscale, fine dining One99 Restaurant at Broadway and First streets is closed on Mondays. So, I cannot tell you how good the food or service is as it was on Monday that I was in Orangeville. Of the reviews I later read online, it seems everyone thinks this is the best restaurant in town. Having seen the other restaurants, I would not doubt them. Their sign and name reflects a distinctly urban flavour, I think. With a cosmopolitan décor using our signature colours of cranberry and gold, One99 offers a warm ambiance that invites you in to indulge in a meal comprised of skillfully prepared dishes and hand-picked wines to suit any combination of flavours. (website)

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14 comments on “one99”

  1. Your picture is not loading.

  2. The photo suddenly loaded. It’s okay now.

  3. Very slick sign for a small town. Must be a great place for special events.

  4. Looks like a sign that is easy to spot. Thanks to the spot lights it should be easy to see at night.

  5. It does look rather urban for Orangeville!
    And what is with this trend to name buildings after the address with words and numbers combinations?? I guess it makes it easier to remember where it is.

  6. The sign certainly looks like it reflects their own view of the restaurant! I smiled at your understated comment “having seen the other restaurants…, I wouldn’t doubt them!”

  7. I wonder what is the story behind the name.

  8. Of course, the meals are not $1.99! Ha ha!

  9. when I saw Broadway I thought for a moment it was NYC
    very cool sign

  10. What comes to my mind when I see this sign, is the street number. I like the idea too!

  11. Cool sign. And a great name for a restaurant. I know galleries with these kind of number-names.

  12. Very much a designer style sign! Unique! And recognisable as an identity!

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