By: Lesley

Feb 07 2012

Category: barns, Grey-Bruce


Focal Length:49.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

There was not much usefulness left in this abandoned barn and it looked a bit scary to enter for more up close shots.

Participating in Barn Charm

21 comments on “dilapidated”

  1. There are lots like this one here in our county. I would not dare to go into one of them for fear it would either fall on me or I would get shot by someone because I was trespassing. Great find. genie

  2. Not much usefulness as a barn but I could see the tin repurposed for primitive painting projects and the old weathered wood is a gold mine. 🙂

  3. Too bad it can’t be fixed, we have barns like this in our area too.

  4. Oh my, this one looks too far gone, but it does make an interesting photo

  5. Well it is a great picture!!

  6. great shots. so sad that it is falling down. i wonder what it looks like in it’s hay day? (:

  7. Glad you didn’t go in – it looks dangerous. Neat shot from the outside though!

  8. Beautiful composition Lesley!

    Red Barn

  9. Great shot, very artsy! Love it.

  10. Yes, way too dangerous and not worth entering yet. Looks like it used to be a beautiful big barn!

  11. cool perspective!

  12. Sadly, far, far, far too many of our barns are going the way of this one.

    Barn Charm will help us preserve a bit of our rural history.

  13. That is a poor old barn, for sure!

  14. Yes, I would be afraid a piece might fall on me. It makes a cool shot, though 🙂

  15. A sad, yet beautiful, capture of the barn’s raw components and structure. Love the texture of weathered wood and rusted metal. Glad you didn’t try to venture inside though, as it looks very dangerous. 🙂

  16. Wow! I think our barns are related. Thanks for stopping by Joyful Altitude and commenting. Blessings.

  17. That’s sad to see, but it would be good if some of the old timbers could be salvaged and repurposed.

  18. A fine used-to-be barn shot for barn charm. Good idea to stay out of there!

  19. Wow, looks like a twister blew through there. Nice macro.

  20. Poor ol thing needs some TLC! =0

    Thanks for joining =)

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