By: Lesley

Jan 25 2012

Category: Mt Forest


Focal Length:9.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I really liked this stylized A logo on this small home based business. Unfortunately, the railing perfectly obscures what might be the actual name of what looks like a hair salon. Looking into the businesses of Mt Forest on the internet later, I figured that this must be Adells Beauty Salon on King St.

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18 comments on “Adells”

  1. They should have placed the name of the shot just a bit higher. I wonder if it is confusing to first-time customers? But I do agree, it looks like a nice place!

  2. Maybe they are trying for an exclusive feel .. kind of like saying ‘This shop’s not for just any old person walking in off the street”

  3. It’s a fine looking and very new building. I like the logo and the iron railing too. Nice shot.

  4. I want one of these for my house.

  5. It looks like a nice shop and the signage is attractive. I think putting the actual name of the shop in a more noticeable location would be helpful, however.

  6. Maybe Mount Forest is small enough, and this salon is so well connected, that you don’t need a name – one either knows, or one doesn’t.

  7. Hmmm. I bet everyone in town knows Adell. 🙂

  8. The shop has a feel of a small home! It could easily pass as a piece of domestic architecture! Love the scrolling “A”! Maybe it is known enough that this style of “A” represents the shop!

  9. It is a lovely A! Quite elegant.

  10. very simplistic, but effective.

  11. I would think that the stylised A in the wrought iron railing would have cost a pretty penny. My grand-daughter’s name is Alannah, and her mummy uses a stylised A like that, to write her name.

  12. Like using the logo on the window and the iron fencing both. A nice idea. Pretty font. genie

  13. This is a beauty salon? Wow, who would’ve thought.

  14. The owner is pretty creative! ^_^


  15. Definitely looks swanky…
    Thanks for hosting, Lesley!

  16. The letter A almost looks like the Angels’ team’s logo!

  17. Pretty logo, but I, too, think it needs more to tell passers-by what the establishment is to attract more business.

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